Why White Label Your CBD Products

You are probably aware of the high cost of building a business in the CBD market. New brands don’t have to do all the work. Private label manufacturers such as Island Products can help you get your brand up and running in no time. We answer all the questions that business owners may have about why you white label CBD products rather than making them from scratch. 

What Does Private/White Label CBD Mean?

Private labelling, also known as white labeling, is when a manufacturer such as Island Products makes a product that Cannabinoid retailers are able to market and sell under their branding. Often individuals will use the terms Private label and White label interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two: White labeling is taking the standard product a manufacturer produces, and putting your own branding on the packaging. In contrast, Private labeling entails creating a formulation and product that is unique to your company, and outsourcing the manufacturing. Many of the Cannabinoid-infused products you see on Amazon or other e-commerce websites are the same product that was made by one manufacturer. However, the white label product purchasers brand and market their products differently.

Why Private/White Label Hemp Products?

There are many costs involved in starting a business, and cannabinoid businesses that produce their own CBD oil or extract it can be expensive. It takes a lot of time and money to invest in infrastructure, equipment, R&D and manufacturing. Many brands employ the white label strategy to lower costs and get their products on the market faster at a lower price.

White label products are a great way to manage your cash flow, even if your shop is already thriving. For current store owners, white labelling is a great way to increase brand awareness and optimize your internal processes. It can also be a profitable strategy for managing overhead costs and freeing up resources for customer service, marketing, sales and other operational activities.

Selecting a Private/White Label Cannabinoid Manufacturer

There are many private label manufacturers to choose from. However, it is important to do your research and make sure you work with a company you can trust. Consider factors such as product quality, product variety, customer support, FDA label compliance, minimum order quantities, and turnaround time. Your product line is likely to be your bread and butter so you want it to be in good hands.

Island Products: Why Work With Us?

Island Products has spent many years perfecting private label CBD. We are proud of our product quality, consistency, product range, turnaround time, and customer support. However, we encourage you to explore all options to find the best white label product supplier for your needs.

Why White Label Your CBD Products

Quality and Consistency

Customers expect high-quality cannabinoids. It is therefore crucial that you know where your white label CBD products come from. Island Products can confidently speak about the quality of our products because we control every aspect of the supply chain. We monitor each step of the process in-house, from growing organic hemp to extracting cannabinoid oils to designing and labeling products.

Island Products adheres to the highest standards for cleanliness. All of our CBD oil is extracted in our own facility from organic hemp grown on our Vermont hemp farm. We only use the highest quality hemp strains and have developed a unique patent-pending conversion. To ensure that every batch meets the expectations of our customers and brands, our chemical engineers are highly skilled.

A Wide Range Of Product Offerings

We recommend that you choose a manufacturer who can meet all of your product requirements. This will ensure your business is efficient and organized. Island Products offers a variety of private label cannabinoid products that make it simple for brands to buy everything from one source. You can choose from our selection of gummies and tinctures as well as topicals, oral strips, and teas.

You can start with one product and grow your product range over time, or you can order smaller quantities of each product. To help you choose what products you want to stock in your store, we have a digital catalog of all our products and sample packs.

Fast Turnaround Time

Having fast turnaround time is very important in this industry. Your “sold out signs” will tell existing or new customers to shop elsewhere. This happens far more often than you might think in our industry. Island Products understands that it is important to stay ahead of the market, so that’s why we put our entire team’s effort into getting your order completed in record turnaround times. 

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Even if you have done extensive market research, it is likely that you won’t have any data about how much product you can move per month when you start your business. It can be hard to predict what products will be most popular or what your target audience will abandon on the shelves. You should avoid storing too much cash in inventory.

Island Products has low minimum order quantities of 100 units. This allows you to introduce new products with little risk, or to test different lineups to see what your customers prefer. However, MOQs are subject to change based on customization of hardware.

Private label manufacturers may offer a lower price per unit if you purchase hundreds of the same product. However, unless you have the ability to move them all quickly it is not always the best option.

After your initial order, Island Products offers a quick turnaround for any labeled products, so you don’t need to worry about if your product demand exceeds supply. You can submit a new order, and we will handle the rest.

Why White Label Your CBD Products

Support For Customers

We believe wholeheartedly in the health benefits of hemp, and we want to make CBD products as widely available as possible for as many brands as possible. We offer support and guidance to both new and established cannabinoid brands.

If you choose a private label CBD manufacturer to manufacture your labels, make sure they are available to assist you during the entire process. It is a costly mistake to make labels for all your products and then find out you do not meet any regulations in your country or state. You can be sure that our FDA compliance guidelines cover every detail.

We can help you design your packaging or provide a template for you to add your branding. Our in-house graphic designers can also help you make your vision a reality. We double-check your labels before printing them. This is to make sure they are compliant with FDA regulations and suitable for high resolution printing.

The Key Takeaways From Private/White Label CBD

The structure of your CBD company is up to you, it’s a personal choice. There are many advantages to not having to start everything from scratch. You should do your research on private and white label sites to find reliable manufacturers that can provide high quality products and customizations.

Island Products: How to Get Started

We are available to help you if you’re ready to white label CBD products with Island Products. Browse our product catalog and ask all your questions. Learn more about us! We promise you that we will have your brand up and running within a month of the day you place your first order.