Our services

Brand Development

What do you want people to see when they look at your product? Who is your target market? What will your brand be representing? Let the experienced IP team walk you through the development of your brand from the ground up.

Graphic Design

From bags to boxes to banners, our designers have done it all! Utilize Island Products' in-house designers for any project to ensure that your packaging will be made efficiently and on point to our templates. Get up to 5 hours of free design work for any orders above $5,000.

Web Development

Developing an E-Commerce brand can be a daunting, but extremely profitable business venture. But where to start? Being a client of IP, you get to lean into the years of web development experience in our staff and have full access to tips, tricks, and even hands-on help to build your online store.

Marketing & SEO

When you become an IP client, you get full access to the expertise of our staff, including our years of Marketing and SEO experience in the cannabis industry. Avoid the pitfalls and monetary loss of experimental marketing that just doesn't work, and tap into our team instead. Get insight on the do's and don'ts of hemp and cannabis marketing, and tips and tricks to boost your SEO from the get go of your launch.

Lab Testing

Every great hemp brand needs solid third-party testing to back their product line. Here at IP, we will do the heavy lifting for you, and send all your products to a third-party lab before your order is completed. That way, your products are completely ready for sale from the moment you receive the finished goods. This is a necessary component of being a certified hemp brand, increasing your legal and social validity as a brand, as well as ensuring the safety of the end user.

Storage & Drop Shipping

Don't have access to warehouse space to store and manage shipments? Don't want to pay for temperature controlled storage space? Island Products offers in-house storage facilities managed by the same incredible team who manufactures your goods. For a small fee of $20/month + shipping costs, have all the hustle and stress of storage and logistics taken care of for you.


Most frequent questions and answers

White Labeling entails taking a pre-formulated product, and putting your own branding on it. Products that are white labeled may start sell at a higher rate than private labeled products when kicking off, because you’re selling a product formulation that people are already familiar and comfortable with. On the other hand, products that are white labeled require more creative marketing and advertising efforts, as you will be competing with multiple other brands that offer the same products.

Private Labeling requires custom recipes, formulation, and packaging that is unique to the client. This service typically comes with a higher price tag and longer turnaround time than white labeling, as the team works on a perfected formulation and R&D for your customized product. A private labeled product can help highlight and distinguish your brand from those already on the shelves. Choose to offer your customers something fresh and new!

Both services entail third-party manufacturing and unique brand development. For companies that want to sell their products through other businesses, it’s crucial to understand the fundamental similarities and differences between private and white labeling.

The MOQ of a product is flexible to the customizations you’d like. For example, our MOQs for a standard white label products are typically no more than 125 units. However, for detailed customizations such as logo printing on vaping hardware, the MOQ is typically 1,000 units.

Once you decide on the packaging and hardware that best suits your brand, your rep will be able to update you if there is a special increased MOQ for your customization desires. Furthermore, private label products often come with a higher MOQ than white label products do.

Here at IP, we really believe in raising up business leaders and entrepreneurs from every stage of the game. With this in mind, we offer pricing to our customers on a case by case basis based on all the choices of product customization, to make sure you pay for exactly what you’re asking for. Nothing more.

When determining your packaging and hardware preferences, your rep can provide you multiple quotes to help you decide the most aesthetic yet affordable option for your brand. White labeling will always be a more affordable option than private labeling. You can expect about a $1/unit increase on average to do custom formulated product as opposed to a pre-formulated product.

Absolutely! We want to make this experience as seamless and affordable as possible for you.  If you want to buy a product formulated and packaged by us, but work on the branding and labeling yourself, you are more than welcome to do so.