In order to bring your brand’s vision to life down to the last detail, Island Products offers a variety of packaging and hardware options to make your product completely unique to you.

Standard Unit Pictured. Pricing Is Subject To Change In Accordance With Supply Chain Changes.

Island Products Pre-Rolls are carefully wrapped in RAW® natural rolling papers with hemp flower grown in luscious farmland around the United States. We understand that a lot of companies use dangerous methods and chemicals to spray flower; that’s why IP uses cutting edge technology to cryo-spray our hemp with the cannabinoids of your choice for a potent smoking experience.

The standard potency for Island Products hemp flower has ~35mg of Delta-8 THC infused in each 1.5G roll. Harvested, dried flower is sprayed with the cannabinoid of your choice using special cryo-technology to ensure that the end consumer is completely safe from any harmful chemicals or residuals.

Add Full Spectrum diamonds for just $.10/unit to the mix to increase effects for the consumer.

Cannabinoid Distillate/Isolate Options:
  • Delta-8 THC
  • Delta-10 THC
  • CBD
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Choose the potency per roll, as well as your pre-roll size (0.5G, 1G, 1.5G, 2G).

Plastic Tube
  • Most cost effective

  • Customized label
  • Quickest turnaround

Pre-Roll Slider Box
  • More protection from light/weather

  • Most Branding Space

  • Bundle Options (Packs of Multiple)

Child-Resistant Certified Tubes
  • Most Secure Packaging option

  • Built-in Airtight Seal

  • FDA Approved Recyclable Material

  • Customizable Colors


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