How To Read CBD Product Labels

It is crucial to read the labels of CBD products correctly in order to make sure you are choosing safe and high-quality CBD products for yourself, your family, and your pets. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has not yet released labeling guidelines for CBD-derived products. This is why smart shopping is so important! To help you compare and assess CBD products before making a purchase, here is some key information. Let’s take an in-depth look at what the CBD product labels should include.

Serving Information

Many CBD product labels have serving information similar to food labels. This allows you to instantly see the recommended serving size, how many CBD you will get in each serving, as well as how many servings you can get in each jar, bottle, or package.

Serving Size

Serving size is the amount of CBD product you should consume at once. This is similar to how pharmaceutical product and food serving sizes are listed on labels. 

CBD per Serving

What amount of CBD can you expect to get from a single CBD product serving? This is what the CBD per-serving information on CBD product labels will tell you. Let’s suppose you take one mL of Island Products Tincture. The product label states that you will consume 41.67mg of Delta 8, an alternative cannabinoid.

Serving Sizes per Bottle (or Other Packaging).

To find out how many uses a CBD product has, look at the servings per bottle or jar. This information is especially useful for price comparisons. The label of Island products CBD tincture reveals that there are 30 servings (one mL dropper) within a one-fl oz (30mL) bottle.


It is important to read the ingredients section on CBD product labels. This will ensure that you are certain there are no unusual, unneeded, or dangerous ingredients. It’s not uncommon to find Stevia or natural sugarcane in edibles or tinctures to enhance the flavor. Also, it is not unusual for topicals to contain additional carrier oils or essential oils to achieve the desired consistency and aromas.

Some CBD product labels, such as Island products CBD Infused Muscle or Joint Cream, include information about active ingredients in addition to inactive ingredients. The CBD Infused Joint Cream label lists the CBD hemp oil in an Active Ingredients section. Water, carrier oils, and any other inactive ingredients are listed under the Ingredients section.

Suggestions for Use or Directions

The directions or suggested use section will tell you how to use the product safely and to get the best results. The label may contain information about any age restrictions that limit the use of the product. This information could include information regarding children and adults.

Many CBD product labels will also include the required message, “These statements were not evaluated by FDA.” This product is not intended for the treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease.” The FDA has not yet issued guidelines regarding CBD product labeling and advertising. A similar statement will be found on essential oils, herbal products and many nutritional supplements, which are not FDA-regulated or approved by FDA to make statements about the medical efficacy.

Nutritional Information

Island Products CBD Gummies should have the same nutritional information as other foods. The information includes the calories per serving as well as a list of vitamins, minerals and the percentage of each vitamin or mineral that is included in each serving.

How To Read CBD Product Labels


It is crucial to read the storage instructions on CBD product labels. They tell you how to store your product so that it remains fresh, effective, safe, and for as long as possible. This usually means that tinctures should be kept away from heat and light. The label will also tell you how to preserve the freshness and quality of gummies.


Some CBD products have warnings on the label that you can read to ensure your safety and that of your family members. Island Products CBD Active Relief Cream labels warn you that this product is only for external use and you should consult your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition. It also warns that you should not get the cream in your eyes and it is not intended for children.

The Key Takeaways from Reading CBD Product Labels

CBD product labels aren’t yet standardized. It is important to know what you should be looking for before making a purchase decision. To ensure that you are purchasing the best quality products, it is important to compare the labels of different brands for information such as the ingredients, directions, storage information, nutritional information, warnings, and serving information.

Make sure that the label contains information about the company behind your product. You can make sure you are buying the best product possible from a trusted company by visiting their website. If you are interested in learning how Island Products can help you with your CBD Product labels, contact us today!