In order to bring your brand’s vision to life down to the last detail, Island Products offers a variety of packaging and hardware options to make your product completely unique to you.

What is CBD Distillate?
Standard Unit Pictured. Pricing Is Subject To Change In Accordance With Supply Chain Changes.

Island Products Concentrate is made with with two simple ingredients- the cannabinoid distillate of your choice and naturally-derived terpenes. Whether you’re looking for dabs, shatter, diamonds, or syringes, IP offers top of the line concentrate in it’s purest form, for an incredibly affordable cost.

Concentrate formulation is carefully reviewed and tested by our team in order to get both the consistency and effects right on par with your brand vision. The standard recipe for concentrate is 1G at a dab consistency, perfect for your customer’s favorite rig.

Cannabinoid Distillate/Isolate Options:
  • Delta-8 THC
  • Delta-10 THC
  • CBD
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Choose the consistency* of the concentrate, as well as the total grams you’d like in each package. 

*Some cannabinoids may need to be mixed with others to achieve desired consistency.
Glass Jar (Pictured)
  • Most cost effective
  • Ideal for quick turn around
Child-Resistant Certified Jars
  • Most secure option


Add a fully customizable box to any jar option to increase your branding potential and add an extra layer of protection from light/temperature.
Higher MOQ Required for this customization.

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